Revolutionizing Data Storage

Introducing Egino NVMe Metro Cluster

Experience unmatched speed and reliability with our latest technology, certified by OPEN-E.

Advanced Features of Egino NVMe Metro Cluster

Blazing Fast Speed
Harness the power of the new AMD EPYC 9004 CPU for unparalleled processing speed.
Enhanced Reliability
Built with ZFS technology to ensure data integrity and error correction.
Metro Cluster Configuration
Achieve high availability and disaster recovery with our metro cluster setup.
OPEN-E Certification

Recognized for superior performance and dependability by OPEN-E standards.

Compare Our Metro Cluster Solutions

Egino NVMe Metro Cluster

Top-tier performance and speed, certified by OPEN-E, featuring AMD EPYC 9004 CPU.

NVMe Technology


ZFS File System

Metro Cluster Capability

Competitor Model A

Standard performance with traditional configurations and older CPU models.

Standard SSD Technology

Previous Generation CPU

Traditional File System

Basic Redundancy

Egino NVMe Metro Cluster Performance Metrics

Discover the unparalleled performance of the Egino NVMe Metro Cluster, setting new benchmarks in speed and reliability.

OPEN-E Certified Speed

Latency Measurements

IOPS Performance

AMD EPYC 9004 CPU Efficiency

Experience the Future of Data Storage

Step into the next generation of data storage with the Egino NVMe Metro Cluster. Request a demo today and see the difference in speed and efficiency that our technology can bring to your business.